Name: Siamak Issaczadeh 

E-mail Address: 

Date of Birth: 1980

Place of Birth: Khalkhal, Iran


2015: Received M.A in TEFL from Guilan University. (With distinction)

Thesis: The Impact of self-selected reading topic on Motivation and Comprehension ability of Iranian Students


2005: Received B.A in English Language and Literature from University of Ardebil. (With distinction)

Professional teaching Experience

      Teacher, Executive Manager at

Navy Specialties Training Department /English Language Academy (2004-Present)

     Teacher at

Parsian Language Academy (2009-2014)

Iranian Language Academy ( 2010-2012)

Kadous Higher Education Academy (2013-prersent)

Guilan University (Free Education English Department 2015- present)


Arranging periodic performance evaluation tests and providing detailed feedbacks about areas of improvement

Accomplishing regular classroom debates to raise the students interests and understandings of the subject

Assisting the school administration in arranging special functions / celebrations

Preparing various programs for teaching English as well as setting up the papers for the students

Delivering scheduled lectures to the assigned classes

Organizing the workshop for teaching English language

Chunking the material and providing it to the different level of students

Special Achievements

         Awarded best teacher of the years (2006, 2007, 2009, and 2013) in NSTD/English School

         Awarded as top researcher in Navy Academic Research in 2013

        Awarded for best performer in Quality Management Survey certified by ISO


Technical skills

         Received ICDL Certificate in 1998

      Received ISO 9002 Quality Management Certificate in 2007


                                                            Teaching Experience

Tremendous teaching experience and wide exposure to different aspects of the job profile

Highly skilled in using the different course books and material for teaching English

   Book series: 1100, 1200, 1300, 1400 (American Language Defense Pub)

     Interchange course

      American English File course

     English Result course

     New Headway course

     Speak Now course

     TOEFL, MSRT, MCHE, GRE, TKT courses

     Paragraph developing and Essay writing course

     Technical courses in Management, Visual art, Contract law, Criminal law, Psychology 


         Developed English lesson plans in line with the national curriculum: Planned English lessons to meet curriculum standards

         Modified assignments and activities to meet the learning needs of individual students  Identified and sorted into small, similarly skilled groups

         Prepared English classroom and coursework materials, books

     Supply course in English (2006)

      Electronic course for navy recruits (2008)

      Technical English for Computer students (2008)

      General Reading for Helicopter Mechanics (2009)

      Technical Reading for Helicopter Mechanics (2010)

     English for Radar Electronics students(2010)

      An ESP course for Submarine Recruits (2011)

      Working with Helicopters (1) (2011)

      Working with Helicopters (2) (2011)

An ESP course for Diving Recruits (2012)

  Seaman ship English (Technical course) (2013)

English for Radio Electronics students (2013)

  Fire Control Technical Texts (2014)

 An Introductory Course in Navigation (2014)

   Telecommunication in English ( in press)



     The Effect of Self-selected Reading Topic on Comprehension Ability of Iranian Students   (Published in Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research Volume 3, Issue 1, 2016)

      How to overcome the barriers to effective academic reading (unpublished)

     The Role of Working Memory in Successful Learning (unpublished)

     A Paper Review on: Attribution Theory (unpublished)

    A Book Review: Computational Linguistics Models, Resources, Applications By: Igor Bolshakov and Alexander Gelbukh

      Evaluation of ESP Teachers in Different Contexts of Iranian Universities

      An account of ESP with possible future directions (unpublished)

      A Curriculum analysis on: ESP course for submarine recruits Conducted in Iran’s Navy Specialties Training Department

      A Book Review: Social Intelligence  By: John F. Kihlstrom University of California, Berkeley Nancy Cantor University of Michigan


    The Effect of Self-selected Reading Topic on the Motivation of Iranian Intermediate Learners    (Guilan University National Conference 2016)

      The relationship between thought and language (Tabriz Azad University Conference 2015)

      The effect of peer correction on writing skill of students (Accepted in Singapore International conference of Education 2016)

      The Significance of Validity in Developing Research Questionnaires ( Accepted in Lancaster University UK International Conference 2016)

References: Will be available on request

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